Full Day INSET

XY - The underachieving chromosome

Improving engagement, motivation and achievement in underperforming boys

Half Day INSET

Course Aims

Training Description

Teachers’ markbooks these days more closely resemble a fistful of scrabble tiles than a record of childrens' achievement: DSEN, PP, FSM, AMA, BME, LAC, EAL, ETC, ETC. That could spell ‘confusion for teachers’ (almost). But in many schools the key underperforming acronym isn’t any of these, it's XY.​​
XY chromosomes, that is. Boys.
Such is the scale of boys' underachievement in many schools, that when you get your XY achievement sorted, you'll find your other key groups fall into line.
This course shares the practical steps to sorting your XY problems and raising boys’ achievement, from initial selection of your XY group, through staff training and effective tracking to creating a culture of ambition in which boys value their success and achieve higher than they (or you) dared think. It includes plans and resources, with first hand examples and testimonials, so you’ll be able to take it straight back to your school and kick-start boys’ achievement.
Examine the root cause of boys’ underachievement, from the national picture to your own students, and getting to the truth about ‘how boys learn’, avoiding generic nonsense
Give practical advice to getting the whole school ‘on-board; with comprehensive training and CPD, positive engagement with the boys and their parents, progress tracking and ‘propaganda’. 
Share real experiences and approaches which have transformed under-performing boys into model students
Provide a step-by-step approach to fixing your XY problem, all the way from first meeting to the summer results day, with every resource you need to start your own XY programme.

Course Outline

Session 1
I Got 99 Problems
  •  Why do boys underachieve? – from the national picture to the individual
  • Selecting your own XY group
  • Precise and practical student voice – what makes your boys tick?
  • Establish your goals and set up your monitoring
Session 2
We need to talk about Kevins
  • Establishing the priority across the whole school
  • Whole staff training CPD and INSET with impact
  • Getting parents on board – especially the difficult ones
  • Explicitly promoting the boys' improvements to the whole school
Session 3
That's how winnin's done
  • Building the culture of positivity, competition and ambition
  • Hooking the boys– right from the first meeting
  • Rewards – getting the right incentives for the right behaviours
  • Celebrating success – right through to results day.