teaching is about ensuring students succeed.
It's about making teachers efficient and effective.
It's about knowledge, pedagogy and curriculum.         

          teaching provides training and support for today's educational landscape, specialising in core knowledge and effective teaching for linear exams.
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    360 Leadership Coaching
    Develop and sustain a visionary, motivated leadership team with 360 Leadership Review, bespoke training and ongoing coaching support
  2. 3
    Curriculum Leader Support
    Supporting subject leaders to maximise achievement, improve teaching and ensure whole school impact
  3. 4
    Safeguarding Training
    OFQUAL qualified to train staff in Safeguarding and deliver fully certified Level 3 Award Training in Safeguarding
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    Knowledge Curriculum
    Supporting schools to develop pedagogy, intent and content to support students in the knowledge curriculum and towards linear examination
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    Training and INSET
    "'Without a doubt that was the best CPD I have received in 20 years of teaching." Internationally renowned INSET for teachers and educators.
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    Student Workshops
    Prepare students for the rigours of linear exams where memory, retention and recall are key to success